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Lesson #24(Part-1)

Vedic Astrology

                                                                                                 Lesson #24 14. If hora lord is yogakaraka one should expect that the year will be a good/important year. See what houses the hora lord owns and if he is involved in  …Read the Rest

Lesson #22(Part-2). Lessons on Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

                                                                              Lesson #22                                97 karma from his past lives. This dharma will be fulfilled in the Moola dasa of the ninth lord. The placement of the 9th lord (from the rasi chart) in D-60 chart shows what karma is unfinished from the past …Read the Rest

Lesson #20(Part-1)

Vedic Astrology

                                                                                                       Lesson #20 Topics Covered: Example Chart 1: Male; 13 June 1949, 10:55 am, Palayamkottai, India. Dasamsa Chart Rectification Coming to USA – Foreign opportunities – D-4 and Tithi Ashtottari …Read the Rest

Lesson #19

Vedic Astrology

Lesson #19 Topics Covered: 1. Example Chart1: Male, 02/25/1963; 8:45:29 PM; Long 79E58′ Lat 14N26. Siblings and in-laws discussed. Example Chart2: Male, 12/11/1943; 8:08 Am; Aurora, CO; 104W 59′ 3″ and 39N44. Example Chart3: Male; 07/06/1946; 7:30 AM 4 hrs west of GMT; New Haven, CT. Key Points: Example Chart1: In D-3 (Drekkana) house in which LL of Natal chart is positioned is taken as starting point for counting the houses for analyzing children or siblings. If LL of rasi …Read the Rest

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