Lesson #25(Part-1)

                                                                                        Lesson #25 6.   Spouse   is   shown   by   the   7th     house.   In   case   of   Smt. Subbalakshmi, Virgo is the 7th house and taken as spouse’s lagna,. Me is Lagna lord and makes the spouse a Learned and Intelligent person. Mecury (Lagna Lord) in the 12th house makes the  individual … Continue reading

Lesson #13

  Lesson #13 Parivrithi traya (PV) drekkana shows the application of determination. It shows the direction where the determination is applied. Planets in quadrants are important as they show where the determination is applied. PV D-3 is not for brother, it is for the native – It shows where one feels like applying the determination to. It is the seed. Ju in Pi if 9th house shows idealistic dharma. Me in Vi if 9th house shows pragmatic dharma. If a planet is badly placed, propitiating the friends of that planet can … Continue reading

Lesson #20(Part-1)

                                                                                                       Lesson #20 Topics Covered: Example Chart 1: Male; 13 June 1949, 10:55 am, Palayamkottai, India. Dasamsa Chart Rectification Coming to USA – Foreign opportunities – D-4 and Tithi Ashtottari Analysis. Dasamsa Analysis. Nakshatra dasas talked in detail. Key Points: … Continue reading

Lesson #19

Lesson #19 Topics Covered: 1. Example Chart1: Male, 02/25/1963; 8:45:29 PM; Long 79E58′ Lat 14N26. Siblings and in-laws discussed. Example Chart2: Male, 12/11/1943; 8:08 Am; Aurora, CO; 104W 59′ 3″ and 39N44. Example Chart3: Male; 07/06/1946; 7:30 AM 4 hrs west of GMT; New Haven, CT. Key Points: Example Chart1: In D-3 (Drekkana) house in which LL of Natal chart is positioned is taken as starting point for counting the houses for analyzing children or siblings. If LL of rasi chart is in Odd house Count forward and if in … Continue reading

Learn Vedic Astrology – Class-3

More qualities of the Grahas – Surya (the Sun) Externally, Surya signifies those people or relationships in our life that are strongly related to royalty, power and the identity of the society. These are presidents, leaders, and directors. Since the Sun is at the center of the solar system, controlling the orbit of all the other grahas, it governs people with power or authority. On a smaller scale, this could be a governor, mayor, and in the family environment, the father. Surya represents those buildings that reflect power and dignity, … Continue reading

Brihat Jataka

Brihat Jataka Brihat Jataka by The Great Varahamihira, who was the famous astrologer in the court of The Great king Vikramaditya in the year 57BC. He was also a great astronomer and the first one to mention in his work Pancha Siddhantika, based on our ancient Siddhantas, that the ayanamsa, or the shifting of the equinox is 50.32 seconds. He also authored the famous Brihat Samhita, Laghu Jataka and Yogayatra. His other famous classic is Daivagya Vallabha, which deals with prashna or horary astrology.   Varahamihira's son Pitru Vyasa wrote … Continue reading

Learn Vedic Astrology – Class-11

The Nakshatras – Shatabisha Shatabisha Nakshatra Dasha ruler : RahuSymbol : an empty circleDeity : Varuna (the deity for cosmic and terrestrial waters)Rulership : snarers, anglers, aquatic products, dealers in fish etc., boar hunters, washer men, distillers and fowlers.Moon in Shatabisha : one is truthful and speaks frankly, can be vicious, crushes his enemies, is daring and does not like to be a subordinate. Attributes : Spread from 6'40" up to 20'00" in Kumbha. Lord is Shani. The Ocean, rivers, lakes etc. are derived from this star and it signifies … Continue reading

Learn Vedic Astrology – Class-10

The Nakshatras – Anuradha Anuradha Nakshatra Dasha ruler : SaturnSymbol : a triumphal gateway decorated with leavesDeity : Mitra (deity for friendship and partnership, one of the Adityas)Rulership : men of prowess, heads of corporations, friends of the virtuous, lovers of assemblies, tourists (or lovers of carriages), all honest persons of the world, and all things that grow in autumnMoon in Anuradha : the person is wealthy and lives in a foreign country, tends to travel or wander around and cannot bear hunger. Attributes : Spread from 3'20" to 16'40" … Continue reading

Learn Vedic Astrology – Class-9

he Nakshatras – Ashlesha Ashlesha Nakshatra Dasha ruler : Budha (Mercury)Symbol : a coiled serpentDeity : Sarpa (a divine snake)Rulership : artificial things, bulbs, roots, fruits, insects, reptiles, poison, robbers, cereals, all classes of physicians.Moon in Ashlesha : The person cheats, eats all kinds of food, does evil deeds, is wily and treacherous. Attributes : Spread from 16'40" to 30'00" degree Karkata. Chandra is the lord. It is the birth star of Ketu. Symbol-coiled up snake. It is the nature of a snake to hide himself, to encircle and entwine, … Continue reading

Learn Vedic Astrology – Class-8

The Nakshatras – Mrigashira Mrigashira Nakshatra Dasha ruler : Mangal (Mars)Symbol : deerDeity : Chandra (the Moon)Rulership : Fragrant articles, garments, aquatic products, flowers, fruits, gems, foresters (or forest dwellers), birds, beasts, those who partake in Soma juice (in sacrifices), musicians, lovers and carriers of letters.Moon in Mrigashira : One is fickle minded, ingenious, shy, energetic, wealthy and a great epicure. Attributes : Mrigashira Nakshatra extends from 23'20" inVrishabha Rashi up to 6'40" in Mithun. The word Mriga represents forests, gardens, asearch, a seeking to find, to roam about in … Continue reading