Lesson #18(Part-2). Lessons on Vedic Astrology

                                                                                    Lesson #18                                77                       78 Lessons on Vedic Astrology Me in 8th  house is good placement. The person will be widely 30. Su is in 2nd house means, speaks out of his mind. read and known lot of things. Will ensure knowledge in lot of things. 15. Ma in … Continue reading

Lesson #20(Part-1)

                                                                                                       Lesson #20 Topics Covered: Example Chart 1: Male; 13 June 1949, 10:55 am, Palayamkottai, India. Dasamsa Chart Rectification Coming to USA – Foreign opportunities – D-4 and Tithi Ashtottari Analysis. Dasamsa Analysis. Nakshatra dasas talked in detail. Key Points: … Continue reading

Lesson #19

Lesson #19 Topics Covered: 1. Example Chart1: Male, 02/25/1963; 8:45:29 PM; Long 79E58′ Lat 14N26. Siblings and in-laws discussed. Example Chart2: Male, 12/11/1943; 8:08 Am; Aurora, CO; 104W 59′ 3″ and 39N44. Example Chart3: Male; 07/06/1946; 7:30 AM 4 hrs west of GMT; New Haven, CT. Key Points: Example Chart1: In D-3 (Drekkana) house in which LL of Natal chart is positioned is taken as starting point for counting the houses for analyzing children or siblings. If LL of rasi chart is in Odd house Count forward and if in … Continue reading


HISTORY OF NUMEROLOGY Although numerology has been around for millennium, its true origins remain a mystery. Thousands of  years ago, early civilisations in Egypt and Babylon both recognized the power of numbers. It’s quite possible that numerology has been in existence since the human race learned  to count. Numerology is the study of  numbers as it relates to aptitudes and character tendencies. Each letter of  the alphabet has a numeric value or frequency that relates to it’s vibration. The sum of  the numbers in your birth date and the sum … Continue reading