Lesson #25(Part-1)

                                                                                        Lesson #25 6.   Spouse   is   shown   by   the   7th     house.   In   case   of   Smt. Subbalakshmi, Virgo is the 7th house and taken as spouse’s lagna,. Me is Lagna lord and makes the spouse a Learned and Intelligent person. Mecury (Lagna Lord) in the 12th house makes the  individual … Continue reading

Lesson #25(Part-2).

                                                                       Lesson #25                               109 110 Lessons on Vedic Astrology unblemished reputation because there are no negative plantes influencing the AL. Factors causing her death – analysis using Rasi  (D1) and Tithi Pravesh Vimsottari  dasa  applies  to  everybody  and  accordingly  smt. Subbalakshmi who died a few days ago was running Me Mahadasa and Ra Antaradasa – does this … Continue reading

Lesson #20(Part-1)

                                                                                                       Lesson #20 Topics Covered: Example Chart 1: Male; 13 June 1949, 10:55 am, Palayamkottai, India. Dasamsa Chart Rectification Coming to USA – Foreign opportunities – D-4 and Tithi Ashtottari Analysis. Dasamsa Analysis. Nakshatra dasas talked in detail. Key Points: … Continue reading

Lesson #19

Lesson #19 Topics Covered: 1. Example Chart1: Male, 02/25/1963; 8:45:29 PM; Long 79E58′ Lat 14N26. Siblings and in-laws discussed. Example Chart2: Male, 12/11/1943; 8:08 Am; Aurora, CO; 104W 59′ 3″ and 39N44. Example Chart3: Male; 07/06/1946; 7:30 AM 4 hrs west of GMT; New Haven, CT. Key Points: Example Chart1: In D-3 (Drekkana) house in which LL of Natal chart is positioned is taken as starting point for counting the houses for analyzing children or siblings. If LL of rasi chart is in Odd house Count forward and if in … Continue reading

Madhya Parashari

Madhya Parashari This ancient scripture is also believed to be written by the unknown author of Laghu Parashari and deals with further interpretations and hints about Vimshottari Dasa. 1. After bowing before Parashara Munni and examining his Hora Sara, the essence, of Nakshatra Dasha System is being described here. 2. It is prayed that the Sun etc. nine planets and Aries etc. Twelve Rashis (signs) may always shower their blessings upon mankind. 3. The learned have advised to consider the Ascendant and the 9th house for the wealth of the … Continue reading

Combinations for Wealth

Ch. 41. Combinations for Wealth 1. I now tell you of special combinations, giving wealth. One born to these Yogas will surely become wealthy. 2. Yogas for Great Affluence (up to Sloka 8). Should a R??i of ?ukr be Putr Bhava and be occupied by ?ukr himself, while Mangal is in Labh Bhava, the native will obtain great riches. 3. Should a R??i of Budh be Putr Bhava and be occupied by Budh himself, as Labh Bhava is occupied by Candr, Mangal and Guru, the native will be very affluent. … Continue reading

Antar Dashas of Grahas

Ch. 51. Working out of Antar Dashas of Grahas and R??is in Vimshottari etc. Dasha systems 1. For finding out the span of the Antar Dasha of a Grah in the Dasha of the same, or another Grah multiply the Dasha years of the former with the Dasha years of the latter and divide the product by the total Dasha years of all the Grahas. For finding out the span of the Pratyantar Dasha of the same, or any other Grah in the Antar Dasha of another Grah multiply the … Continue reading