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Lesson #7 – Part-2

Vedic Astrology

                                                                              Lesson #7                                      33                       34 Lessons on Vedic Astrology Who occupies it? The occupants have control of that Conjoining of 4th and 5th lords is Raja Yoga and each raja yoga house and exert what is done. has  a  sub-theme.     4th and  5th conjoining  shows …Read the Rest

Great Incarnations

Brihat Parashara Hora

Ch. 2. Great Incarnations 1. Maitreya: “O Mah?rishi Par??ar, are the incarnations of Vishnu, viz. ?r? Ram, ?r? Krishn etc., endowed with Jiv???? 2. Maharishi Parashar: “O Brahmin, the four incarnations, viz. Ram, Krishn, Narasimh and Varah are wholly with Paramatm???. The other incarnations (than these, out of the ten) have in them Jiv??? too. 3-4. The unborn Lord has many incarnations. He has incarnated, as the 9 (Nava) Grahas to bestow on the living beings the results due to …Read the Rest



Sanketanidhi Sanketanidhi, which means The Treasure of Learning, was written in the mid 19th century and the most recent of the acknowledged sashtras. It is a brief but useful classic. It is a work written by Shri Rama Dayalu, the astrologer, for the benefit of Shri Ghasi Ram Sharma, the son of his elder brother, so that he may become proficient in Astrology. It is in 9 "sanketas" or chapters. SANKETA ONE 1. It is prayed that the exalted union …Read the Rest