Kundli For Windows

Kundli For Windows Kundli for Windows (Pro Version)  Kundli for Windows is an astrology software with following features : Windows Compatibility Good Presentation Most Accurate Calculations Screen Preview Storage of horsocopes and modules for future references South/North Indian Charting Aynamsa N.C. Lahiri/ K.P. / B.V. Raman Latitude and Logitude databases, Time Zones database Company Name, Address Phone No. and Background Option What's New in Ver 4.5 More user friendly, i.e. interfere improved Predictions Added Basic Details Niryana Longitudes and Lagna/Rasi/Asc Kundli, Moon/Chandra Kundli, Navamansa Sayana Longitudes, Aspects Bhav Chalit, Chalit, … Continue reading