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Bhavartha Ratnakara

Bhavartha Ratnakara

Bhavartha Ratnakara Aries: 1. A Sun-Moon combination confers rajayoga 2. Venus is a maraka 3. Jupiter becomes a maraka if he occupies Capricorn 4. A Jupiter-Saturn association doesn’t confer a rajayoga 5. An Aries native will have fear of diseases (especially smallpox), weapons and injuries 6. If Mars conjoins Mercury, death by brain disease occurs in his dasa and bhukti 7. This is the only lagna where it’s great if the 2nd lord is in the 12th; this isn’t the …Read the Rest

Effects of Pratyantar Dashas in Antar Dashas

Brihat Parashara Hora

Ch. 61. Effects of Pratyantar Dashas in Antar Dashas 1. By multiplying the years etc. of the Antar Dasha of the Grahas separately by the Dasha years of each Grah and by dividing the product by the total span of the Vimshottari Dasha, namely 120 years, we will arrive at the Pratyantar Dasha of each Grah. 2. S?rya-S?rya (Pratyantar Dasha of S?rya in the Antar Dasha of S?rya). Argument with other persons, loss of wealth, distress to wife, headache etc. …Read the Rest