Learn Vedic Astrology – Class-9

he Nakshatras – Ashlesha

Ashlesha Nakshatra Dasha ruler : Budha (Mercury)Symbol : a coiled serpentDeity : Sarpa (a divine snake)Rulership : artificial things, bulbs, roots, fruits, insects, reptiles, poison, robbers, cereals, all classes of physicians.Moon in Ashlesha : The person cheats, eats all kinds of food, does evil deeds, is wily and treacherous. Attributes : Spread from 16'40" to 30'00" degree Karkata. Chandra is the lord. It is the birth star of Ketu. Symbol-coiled up snake. It is the nature of a snake to hide himself, to encircle and entwine, to creep on the chest, to embrace, and to enjoy or unite surreptitiously. All this is an attribute of Ashlesha also. The cunningness of the serpent, its devious nature, the burning sensation of poison and pain along with all consequences that poison connotes are to be read in the constitution of Ashlesha. The virtues and vices of the serpent are all in it. Chandra in Ashlesha sicklier with various faults in great intensity. Whoever would have his or her karmapathi (Lord of the 10th house) or bhagyapathi (Lord of the 9th house) in this star would run the risk of having all his or her principal acts in life handicapped, jeopardised or spoiled by many kinds of danger and obstruction. If the Lagna is in this star, the native would possibly be of wily disposition. Such people would like to work in secret and their words would carry the sting of poison.

The Nakshatras – Poorva Phalguni

Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra Dasha ruler : Venus Symbol : a hammockDeity : Bhaga (one of the Adityas, responsible for conjugal bliss and wealth)Rulership : Actors, young women, amiable persons, musicians, artists, commodities, cotton, salt, honey, oil, and boys.Moon in Poorva Phalguni : The person is sweet spoken and is persuasive in speech. He is agreeable, generous, handsome, majestic, very prone to travel (by foot), and engaged in honoring and serving the king. Attributes : Spread from 13'20" to 26'40" Simha. It is also called the Bhagadaivata Star. All majestic pleasure, prosperity, love, enjoyment and sensual delight are caused by this Nakshatra. The origin of creation, it signifies coming into being and development. Its closure means destruction. The individual in personal life succeeds in mastering the six impulses, specially the impulse of creativity which also masters death. Therefore, on the one hand this star symbolises the joy of creation and enjoyment, and on the other hand signifies desirelessness and asceticism. On the one hand it is the gateway to creation and its basic seed, on the other hand it aims at renunciation, dissolution, and a merger in 'Brahma'. Fame and renown are the special features of this star. Poorva Falguni and Uttara Falguni are symbols of good fortune and luck. It is the birth star of Guru. Anthropomorphically it is the upper lip of Kalapurusha.

The Nakshatras – Uttara Phalguni

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Dasha ruler : SunSymbol : a hammockDeity : Aryaman (one of the Adityas)Rulership : Kind hearted persons, those pure in conduct, modest, heretics, charitable persons and the learned, very rich people, and those who are devoted to their duties, kings.Moon in Uttara Phalguni : The person is beautiful and lovely, earns money by his literary merits, will be happy and an enjoyer of the senses. Attributes : Spread from 26'40" Simha to 10'00" degree Kanya. The lords are Ravi and Budha. Poorva Falguni and Uttara Falguniare pairs. Its attributes are much the same as those of Poorva Falguni. The only difference is that generosity, kindness, patronage and aneagerness to help the distressed, to help friends and intimates andthose who seek help are more pronounced in this star.

The Nakshatras – Hasta

Hasta Nakshatra Dasha ruler : MoonSymbol : a handDeity : SuryaRulership : thieves, elephants, those who travel in chariots, elephant drivers, artisans, commodities, cereals, men learned in Vedas, traders and men of prowess.Moon in Hasta : the person is liable to get excited easily and intensely, is bold and insolent, susceptible to drinking, is heartless and a thief. Attributes : Spread from 10'00" to 23'20" Kanya. The 12 names of the sun are: (1) Arun, (2) Aditya, (3) Tapan, (4) Divakar, (5) Bhaskar, (6) Bhanu, (7) Martanda, (8) Mihir, (9) Ravi, (10) Bivakar, (11) Sahasramsu and (12) Surya.All the attributes these names etymologically connote are caused by this star. From the Surya we derive creativity and creation, and from creation we derive light, lustre, and strength. Surya is the prime cause of dominion, kingship, power of immunity and the light that dispels darkness. Budha is the cause of knowledge. If placed in this star he sheds light all around. Ravi

with this Nakshatra enhances the instinct of dominion and the capacity to rule over others. It brushes up human intelligence, making it more luminous and makes a man vibrant with life and light.The symbol is a closed hand or fist. It would follow that this signifies determination and clenched resolution. To keep everybody within one's grip, the possessive instinct follows from the nature of this star. The magician and the pick-pocket are also born under this star – variation from nobler attributes. Anthropomorphically it is the hand of Kalapurush.

The Nakshatras – Chitra

Chitra Nakshatra Dasha ruler : MarsSymbol : a shining jewelDeity : Tvashtri (the celestrial architect)Rulership : persons skilled in making ornaments, jewelry, dyeing, painting, writing, singing and perfumery, mathematicians, weavers, ophthalmic surgeons and the king's corn.Moon in Chitra : the person wears multi colored clothes and garlands, has beautiful eyes and limbs. Attributes : Spread from 23'20" Kanya to 6'40" Tula Rashi. The lords are Budha and Shukra. Chitra is very beautiful to look at. Viswakarma is the great artist and artificer to the Gods, the lord of practical arts and applied aesthetics. The knowledge and capacity to paint, the gift of narration and well-ordered conversation. From Chitra is derived the painter, specialist in paints, the artist, the musician, the skilful surgeon, the imaginative writer, the specialist in aromatic herbs and dreamer of intricate paterns. The art of construction, the art of engraving, embroidery, frame-making and everything that constitutes an artistic complex from fine embroidery to the Tajmahal and on the other hand industrial engineering and skill and the organisation of machinery and plants – everything is caused or influenced by Chitra. It is Anthropomorphically the forehead of kalapurush.

The Nakshatras – Swati

Swati Nakshatra Dasha ruler : RahuSymbol : a tear dropDeity : Marut (the wind deity)Rulership : birds, beasts, horses, traders, grains that cause wind, unsteady friends, feeble characters, ascetics and connoisseurs of wares.Moon in Swati : the person has subdued passions, is a trader, generous at heart, sweet spoken, and religious in spirit and actions. Attributes : Spread from 6'40" to 20'00" Tula. Restlessness disposition or physical restlessness, inability to stay still at any place, fidgetiness, and noise comes from the attributes of its deity the wind. It is self-assured and asserting. The winds (Marut) are the Lords of North-West. There are 49 of them under 'Pavana'. Of all Gods he is the strongest and most obstinate. From these are derived the knowledge, the physical internal adjustments of the 5 Winds – Pan, Apan, Vyan, Udan and Saman. Also from this comes the storms and the whirl-wind, the concrete disturbance of the atmosphere, A person born under this star is good at buying and selling, his wealth and property comes and goes quite easily. He is an independent sort of man, always striving for more independence. Asceticism is yet another attribute of this star. Diseases of the wind are to be treated in reference to this . The Wind is the great scavenger, it sweats the dross and purifies. The winnowing of rice bears comparison to this.

The Nakshatras – Vishakha

Vishakha Nakshatra Dasha ruler : JupiterSymbol : a triumphal gateway decorated with leavesDeity : Shakragni (king of the deities, and fire deity resp)Rulership : trees that bear red blossoms and fruits, sesame, green gram, cotton, black gram, Bengal gram and men devoted to Indra and Agni.Moon in Vishakha : the person is jealous, greedy, has a fair complexion, is clever in speaking, and in causing quarrels. Attributes :Spread from 20'00" Tula up to 3'20" Vrischika Rashi. Another name of this Star is Radha, a compliment to Anuradha, the birth star of Surya. From this is derived the fulfilment of action, variety of enterprise, achievement irrespective of the means employed and fearless and unscrupulous pursuit of self-interest. The only objective is to reach the end justifying it by any means fair or foul. Real friendship hardly happens. A man born under this star works at various things but hardly concentrates on any one of them. To spread about and to dissipate is another attribute of this star. The native of this star aims at success and is pleased with it when it happens, nothing else matters. Among other attributes may be mentioned obedience to religious injunctions, quickness of the uptake, and also loss and disaster from enemies , sometimes even death or lunacy

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