Gemstone and Crystal healing and properties

Aegirine was discovered in Norway and named after Aegir, Scandinavian God of the Sea.

Aegirine is said to promote self respect and sincerity. Benefits relationship problems and soothes grief and separation. Good for back ache and general pain, nerves, muscles and bones.

Generally, Agate promotes inner peace, calm and relaxation. Said to benefit bladder infections, incontinence and prostate problems.

Black Banded Agate is a grounding and centering gemstone. Use for self control, resilience, power, peace and reducing anxiety. It is said to bring health, prosperity and security.

Blue Lace Agate is a gentle, calming stone that engenders tranquillity and peace. It helps communication with guardian angels. As with all Agates, it is a protective stone. Said to benefit arthritis, headaches, digestion, growth and bones. Also an aid to public speaking.

Moss Agate is also known as the Gardener’s Stone. It is particularly beneficial for gardens, being closely associated with nature and the earth. Placed in your garden Moss Agate is said to increase your vegetable yield and encourage your flowers. Wearing this bracelet will enhance your interaction with nature and the natural environment. Promotes new beginnings and birthing.

Albite is said to help relieve depression and boosts the immune and respiratory systems. A very calming stone.

Amazonite is said to benefit tooth decay and osteoporosis. This stone is said to inspire universal love, spiritual faith and compassion towards others. It helps you to see both sides of a story, encourages truth, honour, trust and integrity. Also very calming in times of emotional trauma.

Amber is fossilised tree resin 30-90 million years old and therefore not strictly a crystal or mineral. It sometimes contained the remains of insects trapped in the resin as it solidified. Amber is said to benefit headaches, heart problems and arthritis. Carry a piece for protection!

Amethyst is believed to help relieve stress and insomnia by calming the nerves. Aids the recovery from addictions and intoxification, particularly alcoholism and drug abuse.
Use Amethyst to protect yourself from negative energies and to promote all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. A great crystal to meditate with.
Said to benefit a wide range of disorders such as headaches as well as stomach, hearing, digestion, heart, teeth and skin ailments.

Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine in varying quantities. It is said to promote a cheerful composure and generates feelings of well being and optimism. Excellent for depression. Helps you to feel fulfilled and retain creativity while working under pressure. Great for dieters as this stone is said to balance the body's metabolism.

Angelite brings serenity, inner peace and forgiveness. It is said to dispel fear and anger. Psychically Angelite can be used to connect with spirit guides, the higher self and guardian angels. Physically Angelite is used for infectious diseases, headaches, throat infections, heart and circulation problems.

Apache Tears are a volcanic glass called Merikanite Obsidian.

The nodules get their name from the following legend:-

‘‘In the late 1870's a group of Apache Indians, after several raids to steal cattle for food, were cornered by the US Cavalry at the top of a mount. Hugely outnumbered, out of arrows and so having no means to defend themselves, the proud Apache warriors chose to leap to their deaths rather than surrender to the enemy and suffer a fate which to them was far worse.

When the apache women found their loved ones at the foot of the cliffs they were grief stricken beyond belief and cried for a whole moon. So sincere were their tears that the Apache gods turned their tears to dark translucent stone as they hit the earth and it is these stones that we now know as Apache Tears.

It is said that to give a friend or loved one an Apache Tear is to give them good luck and that they will never have a need to cry because the Apache women had already cried the tears for them.’’
Good grounding stones, Apache Tears are also good at transmuting negative energies. They also help one to see into the core of an issue to assist with deep healing.
They will gently help one to accept and then release their grief, thereby releasing blockages. Apache Tears can help to relieve stress by bringing opportunities for positive change into one's sights so they can formulate a plan of action. This can bring a sense of hope to a dire circumstance. Apache Tears can also enhance one's logical thinking skills, which can open new doors for success.
Physically, Apache Tears are often used for the calming of muscle spasms, detoxification of the body and absorption of vitamins. They can also enhance the immune system and fortify the body.

Apatite promotes motivation and independence. Benefits rickets, osteoporosis and helps heal fractures.

Apophyllite is said to be an aid to meditation and helps make a conscious connection with the spiritual world. It is said to help one see the truth and act upon it.  It helps relieve tired eyes when placed on the eyelids. Stimulates energy and also enhances clairvoyance and mystical vision.

Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family. It usually forms as hexagonal crystals. A stone of calm and tranquillity. Soothes the nerves.

Aragonite is said to increase energy, especially for prayers, spells and magic charms. Good for building self-confidence. Diminishes anger and is a good stress reliever. Helps cure hair loss and combat fatigue.

Astrophillite is said to promote self-esteem and feelings of well-being. Assists in releasing unhealthy behavioural patterns and enhances communication skills. It is said to aid astral travel. It grounds, calms and protects (particularly the dark blue colour). It has been used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder in children.

Aura Quartz is natural clear Rock Quartz that has been artificially sublimated (coated at extremely high temperatures) with precious metals such as Gold and Platinum. This process results in shimmering opalescent, iridescent or rainbow colours. Here are a few colour varieties:-

Tangerine Aura – Clear Quartz that has been fused with pure Gold and Iron Oxide metal vapours at very high temperatures to give it a lovely pale tangerine colour.
Tangerine Aura Quartz is said to uplift the spirit and balance the emotions. Excellent for use after psychic trauma. It is associated with dynamism and energy.

Aqua Aura – This truly beautiful crystal is natural gem quality Clear Quartz that has been fused with pure Gold vapours at very high temperatures to give it a lovely iridescent electric blue colour.
Aqua Aura Quartz promotes the gentle flowing of intuitive energy, clear thoughts and communication. It also soothes the aura, and connects one to the Divine Self within.

Sunshine Aura – Gem quality Clear Quartz that has been fused with pure Titanium vapours at very high temperatures to give it lovely iridescent colours.
Sunshine Aura Quartz is believed to heal the pancreas, liver, spleen and gall bladder. It is said to be cleansing and help the digestive system get rid of toxins. It also has all the cleansing properties of natural Quartz crystals.

Cobalt Aura – Clear Quartz that has been fused with pure Cobalt vapours at very high temperatures to give it lovely iridescent colours.
Cobalt Quartz is used to enhance power and vitality. Also assists in contact during meditation with the Atlantean civilization. It also has all the cleansing properties of natural Quartz crystals.

Angel (Opal) Aura – This very pretty crystal is natural gem quality Clear Quartz that has been fused with pure Silver and Platinum vapours at very high temperatures to give it lovely iridescent colours.

Angel Aura is said to clear and cleanse the mind and aura. It is believed to clear distractions and let us appreciate our environment and spiritual power. Uplifting and enlightening!

Titanium Quartz – This truly beautiful crystal is natural gem quality clear quartz that has been fused with pure Titanium and Gold vapours at very high temperatures to give it lovely iridescent rainbow colours.
Titanium Quartz is said to be very energizing on all levels. It is said to increase enjoyment of life and to dispel sadness.

Green Aventurine is Quartz containing Fuchsite. It is said to alleviate nervousness, stress and sleep disorders. Protects against heart attacks and arteriosclerosis, rashes, sunburn, sunstroke and inflammation.

Red Aventurine helps with decision making and can boost creativity. Physically it is beneficial for the lungs, heart and the adrenal glands.

Peach Aventurine is said to dispel pain and fear. Gives love and prosperity and helps heal the emotions. Enhances creativity, imagination, independence, career success, calmness and balance.

Azurite, a deep blue mineral, is a basic copper carbonate, forming in copper deposits deep in the earth. Sometimes part of the Azurite is altered to green Malachite. Because of this close association it's rare to find one of these stones without the other. They are actually chemical twins; Azurite just holds less water than Malachite.
Azurite is believed to heighten one's insight and wisdom, enhance prophecy and divination and dissolve unwanted beliefs.

Barite is said to help release past-life memories, clear trauma, ease fear, nerves and negativity. Helps to connect one to the Earth’s healing energies. Benefits the memory and is good for bladder problems. A good ‘purging’ stone!

These are laboratory-grown crystals and their rainbow colours come from iridescent oxide tarnish. Though virtually unseen in nature, high-purity bismuth can form distinctive colourful ‘hopper’ crystals. Bismuth is said to be able to transmit from the physical plane to the astral state, providing the opening for astral travel. It relieves conditions of emotional and spiritual isolation.

Blackstone is a stone with a highly protective energy. It is said to bring good luck to the bearer in a fight, whether it be a mental, political, legal, or any other type of fight. It is also used for protection against lightning. Physically, Blackstone is said to be helpful for relieving pain, stomach ailments and foot problems.

Bloodstone (or Gabbro) gains its name from the red coloured minerals in this stone. It is a grounding stone and promotes courage, prosperity and abundance. A good stone to take to court as this stone benefits all things legal! Helps one recover from grief and emotional trauma. Benefits the bladder, kidneys, anemia, blood pressure and diseases of the blood.

Blue chalcedony has gentle energy, balancing mind, body and spirit. It is a stone of calm and peace and reduces hostility, anger and irritation. Blue Chalcedony is excellent for all psychic work and natural intuition. Helps to eliminate bad dreams. Protects one from evil. Physically, Blue Chalcedony has been used for the eyes, Alzheimer’s, blood, circulation, bones, spleen and gall bladder.

Blue John is a type of Fluorite and is only found at one location in the world – Castleton in Derbyshire, UK – making it very rare. It was first discovered by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago.
Fluorite helps to heighten intuition and spirituality, especially the purple variety. Clears illusions and creates harmony. Aids concentration, and is therefore great for students. Purifies the aura and attracts wealth and abundance. Use this mineral to help with colds, flu and infections. Benefits cancer patients, teeth and bones, and can help sufferers of insomnia.

Calcite comes in many forms and colours. Here are some colour types and their healing properties:-

Cobaltian Calcite is said to be beneficial for the heart, lungs, blood, thymus and circulatory system. It also helps to release anger and irritation.

Clear Calcite is excellent for bones, teeth, skin, connective tissue and blood vessels. Aids digestion and stimulates metabolism. Promotes optimism and self confidence. Eradicates negative energies.

Yellow Calcite is said to stimulate the intellect. It can help one organize intellectual thoughts and information. It also boosts one's general energy level. Increases one's personal power and sense of self-worth.
Yellow Calcite aids psychic ability and meditation. It assists with channelling, intuitive awareness and shamanic work. Physically, Yellow Calcite benefits the stomach, upper intestines, upper back and upper spine.

Honey Calcite is said to be very good for increasing energy. Generally calcite increases and amplifies energy. It can also be helpful in astral travel and in channelling, as well as with increasing intuition. All calcites are helpful in lessening of fear and reducing stress. Calcite is a protecting, purifying, grounding and centering stone, and can help bring inner peace. It also increases creativity, imagination, and prosperity. Calcite is also a stone of spirituality, wisdom and reconciliation.

Blue Calcite is particularly good for channelling and increasing energy. All Calcites are helpful in reducing stress. Calcite is a protecting, purifying, grounding and centering stone and can help bring inner peace. It also increases creativity, imagination and prosperity. Calcite is also a stone of spirituality, wisdom and reconciliation. Physically, Calcites are said to heal back pain, increase physical strength and benefit teeth.

Mangano (or Pink Magnesium) Calcite is also known as the Reiki Stone, due to its beneficial energy magnifying properties and gentle, but strong healing energies, making it very suitable for Reiki and Seichim healing.
Promotes all forms of love – self love, universal and motherly love. Heals the inner child. A very calming stone. Useful for channelling and astral travel. Benefits joints, bones and the heart.

Orange Calcite is a powerful cleanser. It balances emotions, removes fear, and overcomes depression. Its healing properties benefit the reproductive system and help intestinal disorders.

Red Calcite is a powerful cleanser and detoxifies after food poisoning and excess alcohol consumption. A very energising crystal, it gives inner strength and helps with problem solving. Its healing properties benefit the reproductive system and organs. Said to attract love!

Green Calcite is a grounding and centering stone bringing stability to one‘s life. It increases success, prosperity, business and fertility of all kinds. An excellent stone for gardening. It is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Green Calcite benefits the heart, thymus, chest, shoulders, lower lungs, heartburn, nervous tics, stammering, neurosis, arthritis and joint pain, kidney and bladder pain. It is also especially beneficial for healing tumours.

Carborundum is a man-made compound of silicon and carbon bonded together to form black iridescent, extremely hard crystals and used as an abrasive, among other things, in industry. It is insoluble in water and highly heat resistant. It also occurs in nature as the very rare mineral Moissanite.

Carnelian is very helpful for making decisions, realising and activating ideas and personal power. It particularly suits people who are ambitious or career minded especially creative types.
Carnelian protects from negative emotions, anger and resentment, in the self and others. Combats depression and increases physical and sexual energy. Good for pain relief for a variety of conditions such as menstrual cramps, gall and kidney stones, arthritis and lower back pain. Excellent for asthma and high blood pressure.

Cavansite is a relaxing stone and said to stimulate intuition, heighten psychic awareness, stimulate the third eye and enhance channelling abilities. It is helpful in psychic healing and protects the healer during healing sessions. Emotionally, Cavansite helps get rid of negative thoughts and beliefs and inspires new ideas. Physically it is helpful for sore throats.

Celestite is known as the Angelic Stone. It is able to connect you to the angelic realm, enabling you to receive guidance from your guardian angels. It offers emotional protection and brings an end to worry, fears and anxiety. Also aids astral travel.
Beneficial for eye problems and mental disorders. Aids digestion and the elimination of toxins.

Cerussite crystals contain lead, giving them a lustre and sparkle like lead crystal glass. Also known as Lead Carbonate or White Lead, Cerussite was once used as a white face powder by Queen Elizabeth I.
Cerussite is said to be a wonderful grounding stone and allows one to easily adapt to situations and change as required. It encourages growth in all areas of ones life. Excellent for communication, balances left and right brain and encourages creativity. Also enhances clarity of thinking, letting go, especially stress and addiction.

Chalcopyrite, also known as Peacock Ore is a versatile stone for crystal healing and energy work. It strengthens perception and intuition. Physically Chalcopyrite eliminates toxins, promotes hair growth, heals bronchitis and other lung disorders, soothes fevers and inflammation.

Charoite is a rare mineral only found in one location in Siberia, Russia. It is said to help one sleep, calm the nervous system and bring relief to headaches. It boosts the production of hormones, benefits teeth, bones and skin. Charoite is a good cleansing and purification stone for the body's energy field.

Chrysocolla is believed to calm the emotions and stimulate the mind. It also attracts good luck and prosperity. It helps to promote inner peace and strength, tranquility, intuition, patience, tolerance and honesty. Use Chrysocolla to help with throat, thyroid and heart problems. Benefits diabetes and blood sugar disorders, relieves pain and arthritis, helps asthma and leukaemia sufferers.

Chrysoprase is Chalcedony containing nickel. It is said to promote trust and helps to banish jealousy and solves relationship problems. Keep a piece by your bedside to banish nightmares. Benefits allergies, skin diseases, epilepsy and rheumatism.

Citrine is formed when Amethyst is heated by igneous or volcanic activity.
Citrine is said to attract wealth, and is often called the ‘merchant’s stone’. It also promotes joy and optimism, and is said to be good for the digestion, bladder infections, asthma and diabetes.
This stone never needs cleansing as it is one of the rare minerals which does not attract or store negative energy. Keep a small piece in your purse to attract good fortune.

Copal (a younger form of Amber) is fossilized tree resin, and sometimes contains the remains of dead insects and plant life. It was used by Central American pre-Columbian cultures as incense and is still used today by indigenous Mexicans.

Copal Amber gives a soothing energy that is both calming and energizing at the same time. It can help manifest desires and heighten intellectual abilities, clarity of thought and wisdom. It is said to cleanse the environment by drawing out negativity, and is said to relieve physical pain in the same way.

Said to bring patience, protection, psychic protection, romantic love, sensuality, purification, balance, healing and calmness to those who carry it. It is considered a good luck charm for marriage. Copal Amber is excellent for inner child work and past life regression. Purifies the body, soothes headaches, helps with bone problems, heart disorders, circulation, ears, the endocrine system, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, kidney, bladder and lungs.

Copper is an excellent conductor of energy, from electricity to the mystical subtle energies emanating from higher planes. Copper is said to enhance and transmit thoughts, even over long distances. Physically, Copper is used for the treatment of arthritis, relieving the pain of broken bones, sexual problems and low energy.

Covellite is high energy stone that is excellent for psychic and intuitive work of many kinds. A very good meditation stone, it strengthens the connection to the higher self. It also helps one accomplish goals, relieves depression and anxiety. Physically Covellite is said to benefit the ears, nose, mouth and sinuses.

Cuprite is a mineral with high copper content. It is helpful for reducing worries, awareness, teaching and delivering spiritual messages. Promotes security, confidence, sexuality, mortality and masculine energy. It is also used to recall and examine past life experiences. Benefits the thymus, heart, blood imbalances, muscle tissue, skeletal system, oxygenation of the blood, stamina, kidneys, menstrual cramps, water retention, vitamin absorption, addictions and alcoholism.

Danburite amplifies the properties and effects of other stones. It will open and release energy blockages and assists healing on all levels. Danburite is also helpful in strengthening clarity and perceptiveness and brings loving energy. It is said to strengthen the nervous system.

Desert Roses (Selenite types) are said to improve the clarity of the mind and expand the awareness of the self and one’s surroundings. They help one to see the inner truth in situations and distinguish it from the superficial. They have also been used to access past and future lives.

Diopside is a very creative stone and also helps as an assistant to learning. It is said to be helpful for healing trauma by bringing cleansing tears and is sometimes called the 'crying stone' because of this.
Diopside can help one get in touch with their feminine side and helps heal aggression and stubbornness. Physically it can help the heart, lungs, circulation, weakness, kidneys, muscle aches and spasms and psychological disorders. Diopside is also useful for calming pets during times of stress and trauma.

Dioptase has a refreshing healing energy. It helps recovery from abuse, neglect, sadness and despair. Encourages one to find the joy of the current moment, brings calm, confidence and self-worth. Physically Dioptase is helpful for heart burn, heart problems and Meniere’s disease.


Dolomite is a gentle stone that encourages charitable actions, generosity and giving of all kinds.  It also encourages original thinking, spontaneity, creativity and manifestation. Brings stamina for dealing with hyperactive people. It stabilises both human and mineral energies, and when placed strategically in a home with other minerals balances the energetic atmosphere. It is a particularly good stone for relieving sorrow, and soothing hurt, loneliness and anxiety. Strengthens bones, teeth, muscles and the female reproductive system. It reduces the effects of PMS. Pink dolomite is also particularly good for insomnia.

Dumortierite enhances organisational abilities, self-discipline and orderliness.  In addition, it encourages one to see and accept reality.

Elestial Quartz (or Fenster or Skeleton Quartz!) shows beautiful internal and external marks due to the rapid growth of the crystal. Elestial Quartz is said to be a clearing and balancing stone. It is believed to be useful in accessing and understanding past lives. This makes it great for dream work as well as regression. The Elestial represents supreme knowledge and is known as the Crystal of the Angels.

Emerald is a stone of love and romance. It is said to bring and enhance joy, love, cleansing, clairvoyance, memory and faith. It also helps with intuition and communication and promotes truthfulness.

Enhydro Agate is said to benefit growth and development. Also instils deep security when homesick or lonely. Physically said to sooth inflammation of the uterus & menstrual pain, benefits pregnancy and quick recovery after childbirth.

Epidote is believed to enhance perception and intuition, increasing personal power and spiritual growth. Use Epidote to protect against conflicting circumstances.
Excellent for clearing the aura, soothing anxiety and panic attacks, and at the same time benefiting stomach upsets associated with nerves. A good stone to take to interviews and difficult meetings.

Fluorite is said to heighten intuition and spirituality, especially the purple variety. Clears illusions, creates harmony and aids concentration. It also purifies the aura and attracts wealth and abundance. Use this mineral to help with colds, flu and infections. Benefits cancer patients, teeth and bones, and can help sufferers of insomnia.

Fuchsite is sometimes called the "stone of health" because it can help one access information on health. Fuchsite can also help one bounce back after emotional or physical problems.  Fuchsite also brings friendliness, compassion and light heartedness. It is said to speed deep healing by assisting with recovery and immunity. It also increases energy transfer when multiple stones are used for healing.

Galena is said to calm the disposition and relieve melancholy. Turns your thoughts away from the past and helps you face the future, and is therefore excellent for sufferers of emotional trauma. Helps overcome alcohol dependency, detoxifies, and eases stiff joints and immobility.

Garnet is a very good balancing stone, both physically and metaphysically. It brings out your best qualities, making you attractive to other people and new friends. It encourages passionate devotion to friends, family, partners, ideals and goals. Increases vitality and stamina, and is good for business success and relationships.
Helps alleviate circulatory problems – heart, blood and lungs, anaemia, kidneys, high and low blood pressure, exhaustion and gall stones.
Grossular Garnets are often a greenish ‘gooseberry’ colour. They are said to bring prosperity, to calm the heart and bring peace and tranquillity to the person who possesses it. It has also been said to instil self esteem. Helps one to retain the joyfulness of love.

Girasol Quartz is a variety of Quartz with a milky opalescent sheen. Encourages you to create a private space for visualization, dreaming, fantasy and artistic creation. Slows down an overactive mind and body. Alleviates panic, fears, phobias and anxiety.

Gold has been used to bring wealth, happiness and good feelings. Gold is a mineral of spirituality, understanding and attunement to nature. It attracts positive energy and is a great healing mineral.

Sparkling double-terminated Afghan 'diamond' with very rare pockets of yellow liquid petroleum plant oil inclusions are known as Golden Enhydro Quartz. Sometimes the crystals also contain black carbon inclusions (the remains of prehistoric plant material caught inside the crystal as it formed.)
The half a billion year-old liquid petroleum oil was trapped inside the double terminated quartz crystal when it formed. You can sometimes see bubbles moving in the pockets of yellow liquid using an eye glass.

Afghan Diamonds are small clear Quartz crystals from a remote area of Afghanistan. They are very similar to Herkimer Diamonds found in the USA. They are double terminated and are particularly sparkly hence the term ‘diamond’.
Afghan Diamonds are said to aid clarity of thinking and awareness, improve dream recall and heighten consciousness. Very good at relieving pain. Benefits the brain, nerves and senses.

Golden Healer Quartz brings new ideas and inspiration from deep within the self. Encourages the joyful energy of the inner child and helps one to explore the world with fearless curiosity. Gives hope and strength. Aids creative problem solving and gives fresh perspectives. Stimulates sexual energy.

A very strong stone, Hematite is said to enhance the memory and original thinking, in particular technical knowledge. It reminds you that the only limitations that exist are those that you place upon yourself. Hematite can help with blood disorders, leg cramps, nervous disorders, insomnia and the proper healing of bones, breaks and fractures.

Hemimorphite is said to help one attain a positive self-image, self-esteem and self-respect. It also brings joy and creativity to one's life, as well as good fortune and luck. Hemimorphite has a strong but gentle healing energy – use it for pain relief, ulcers, blood and cellular diseases.

Hiddenite is the green variety of Spodumene and is a stone that is known for attracting prosperity. It is also said to provide protection and support for the emotions and stimulates the intellect. It is a very calming stone, and helps engender compassion for others. It is said to bring trust to relationships of all kinds. Psychically, it is said to help connect with other worlds. Physically it is helpful for regaining youthful vigor, skin problems and circulation.


White Howlite is said to promote independence and a caring personality. Helps one take control of one's life. Aids the sense of balance, good for nausea and sea-sickness. Helps with skin irritations caused by poisons or irritants.
Turquenite is Howlite that is dyed blue to resemble turquoise. It is said to balance mood fluctuations and bring inner peace. Helpful in decreasing an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, pain, and rudeness. Increases subtlety and tact. It helps bones, teeth, calcium levels and leg cramps. It also heightens creativity!

Nephrite Jade is said to benefit decision making and doubt. Brings balance and harmony and protects one from external pressure and aggression. Good for kidney and bladder problems.

New Jade is a form of green Serpentine, and is said to protect from snake bites. It also helps to balance mood swings and solve conflicts peacefully. Aids kidney ailments, soothes menstrual cramps and improves women’s libido.

Jasper encourages inner strength and independence, promotes justice and helps you to ‘speak out’ against unfairness.
Said to benefit the kidneys, bladder, liver and stomach. Helps control addictions, like amethyst, and is a good ‘grounding’ stone.

Safari Jasper is also known as Kalahari Picture Stone or Picture Jasper.
The natural patterning of Safari Jasper resembles scenes from the African bush with mountains, hills and vegetation.
Safari Jasper is said to help build your business. It is also a good stone to meditate with. Physically, it benefits digestion, the immune system, skin, bones and the kidneys. Soothes allergies and hay fever.

Mookite (also known as Windalia Radiolarite, Mookaite, Mookalite, Mookanite, Mook Mook and Mook Jasper) is a mixture of Jasper and Opalite. It can help one balance the internal and external and bring about the acceptance of change. Mookite is a very protective stone. Physically it stabilizes health and fortifies the immune system.

Ocean Jasper (also called Orbicular Jasper) is an unusual jasper found only at a remote location on the coast of Madagascar that can only be mined at low tide! The colours vary widely – including white, green, pink, red, black, blue. Said to increase the expression of love in words and actions. Gently brings into focus the positive aspects of one's life. Brings relaxation and cooperation to the home or workplace.

Poppy Jasper (a type of Brecciated Jasper) is a stone of energy and courage. It improves vitality and energy. A protective stone, it enhances physical endurance and helps the wearer bring balance between the emotional and the physical. It is also said to be useful in attuning with animals.

Silver Leaf Jasper enhances willpower and encourages contentment in relationships, bringing sensitivity, nurturing and connection into the forefront.
Silver Leaf Jasper is also a stone of gentleness and relaxation, bringing tranquillity, comfort and wholeness. Benefits the liver, gallbladder and stomach.

Red Jasper is said to enhance responsibility, choice and compassion. Used in mystical dream work, it can enhance dream recall. It is said to assist in protection and rescue from danger.  It can have a stabilizing effect and helps one take all one's energy and use it in a balanced manner. It is also said to be a stone that helps in all areas of survival, and is a very protective stone. Used to help control one's own passions.

Yellow Jasper is said to be a very reassuring and calming stone. It protects against anger and hostility and encourages one to stand up for ones self. It gives one the determination to achieve, helping to lay strong foundations on which to build dreams. Aids digestion and gives long term immunity to disease.

Leopardskin Jasper is said to be a very good grounding stone. It is a stone of the Earth, and is excellent for giving courage and self confidence.

Kunzite is the pink form of Spodumene and is said to help one to understand and interact better with others, to help heal broken hearts, to relieve stress and anger and to bring love, peace and harmony. Helpful in removing obstacles. Kunzite strengthens the circulatory system and benefits lung disorders.


Blue Kyanite. This crystal, like Citrine, never needs cleansing. It is said to help you reach your dreams and desires, by bridging mind and matter. It calms and quietens the mind and emotions, dissolving anger and frustrations. Aids concentration during meditating.
Excellent for throat health (this mineral is a close friend of singers!) Benefits brain conditions, muscular problems and epilepsy.

Green Kyanite. This crystal, like Citrine, never needs cleansing. It helps you reach your dreams and desires, by bridging mind and matter. It calms and quietens the mind and emotions, dissolving anger and frustrations. Aids concentration during meditating.
Benefit’s all heart related problems.

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