Lesson #22(Part-2). Lessons on Vedic Astrology

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karma from his past lives. This dharma will be fulfilled in the Moola dasa of the ninth lord.

  1. The placement of the 9th lord (from the rasi chart) in D-60 chart shows what karma is unfinished from the past life.
  2. Atma karaka Kendradhi Graha Dasa shows the evolution of the soul in this life.(How you discover yourself, how you separate away from what the soul wants, what is happening from the point of view of the soul, etc.)
  3. To decide which Vimsottari dasa is to be used (started from Mo
98                        Lessons on Vedic Astrology

Yoga (Lunisolar day) and Karana (half of a lunar day). The five panchangas are divisions of time to show the quality of time. The system of Annual Tithi Pravesa charts is based on Tithi.

  1. Out of these five panchangas
    1. Tithi is of Watery nature
    2. Yoga is of Ether nature
    3. Vaara is of Fiery nature
    4. Nakshatra is of Airy nature
    5. Karana is of Earthy nature

or LA), see whether Mo is strong or ASC is strong. Count the

  1. A4 (Arudha pada of 4  house) shows the place we live in. If a number of planets in quadrants from Mo and LA. Whichever has more planets will dominate.
  1. If ASC is stronger than Moon, that person is more individualistic and has a strong personality. He does not worry about the reactions of the world from his actions. If Mo is stronger, that person thinks more about others’ opinions of him.
  2. ASC is that through which you act in the world, and Mo is that through which you react to the world (how you experience the world). malefic is in A4 that is bad.
  1. If a lord of any Arudha is badly placed from ASC then that Arudha is suffered. Lord of any Arudha pada placed in a quadrant or in a trine is good. That Arudha will flourish.
  2. In the annual Tithi Pravesha chart, the hora lord is like the king of the year. Something important will happen in his dasa. But he is more powerful in his own dasa than in his antardasa of some other planet’s dasa. If there are any yogas involved with this planet, those results are also given.

12. When there are 3 or more planets in a house, arrange them in

  1. Ra in 10 house from AL is bad. In his dasa, the person will be the  order  of  natural  beneficence  or  maleficence.  The  most seen as a cheater or as a cunning person.

benefic planet will give the result of the most malefic planet, and A malefic planet in 2 from AL (especially if it’s a functional vice versa.

13. Su based Vimsottari dasa is mainly used in Adhana charka (the chart that is cast at the time of conception of a child.). Using that dasa one can compress all the dasas to the next nine months to malefic) is bad. And benefic planets placed here will give the AL good nourishment to rise. Malefic planets can pull the Arudha down by the negativities they represent.

  1. Don’t see lordship of Arudha Padas. See only lordship of AL figure out what is happening to the soul in those nine months.
  1. If 5th lord involves in a raja yoga, especially in a good house like
  1. Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa shows how 360 degrees of the zodiac are mapped into 120 years of one’s paramayush. This dasa shows when the Sahamas are activated.


  1. Sahamas are the significant points in the zodiac. For  each matter in life, there is one significant point defined. These Sahamas are used for calculating event-occurrence time.
  2. For example, Bhandana Sahama is applicable to time the event of imprisonment of a person. Look at the longitude and the sign of that particular Sahama. The planets and the Nakshatra that are occupying that point are very important to time the event.

When  that  particular  point  in  Tribhagi  Vimsottari  dasa  is activated, imprisonment may happen.


  1. The word “Panchanga” means five segments or limbs, namely, Tithi (lunar day), Vaara (week day), Nakshatra (constellation), 10 , that planet’s dasa will give great following.
  1. Vipareeta raja yoga works only when a dusthana lord is in a dusthana either alone or with the lord of another dusthana. If he is with the lord of a benefic house then there is no Vipareeta raja yoga.
  2. If LL is involved in any raja yoga, that yoga is more powerful.
  3. In D10 if the ninth lord is in Agni Amsa, that person’s dharma is to transform people.
  4. If it happens in a saint’s chart, that person will transform the people spiritually.
Nameof Nakshatra Starts at Ends at Vimsott ari Lord Ruling Deity
Aswini 00Ar 00 13 Ar 20 Ketu Aswini Kumara
Bharani 13Ar 20 26 Ar 40 Venus Yama
Krittika 26Ar 40 10 Ta 00 Sun Agni
Rohini 10Ta00 23 Ta 20 Moon Bramha
Mrigasira 23Ta20 6 Ge 40 Mars Moon
Aardra 6 Ge 40 20 Ge 00 Rahu Shiva


Nakshatra Chart:

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