Lesson #18(Part-1)

                                                                                              Lesson #18

  1. Ve, 7th   house and 7th   Lord are afflicted by Ma, Sa, Ra, Ke occupancy or Graha Drishti – Curse of Wife form past life
  2. Mo, 4th  house and 4th  Lord are afflicted by Ma, Sa, Ra, Ke occupancy or Graha Drishti – Curse of Mother
  3. Su, 9th   house and 9th   Lord are afflicted by Ma, Sa, Ra, Ke occupancy or Graha Drishti – Curse of Father
  1. Me, 6th  house and 6th  Lord are afflicted by Ma, Sa, Ra, Ke occupancy or Graha Drishti – Curse of Maternal Uncle
  2. Ju is afflicted by 2 Malefics by occupancy or Graha Drishti – Curse from Brahmana – Curse of past life
  3. If Moola dasa is running with corresponding planet, then the curse is sitting on your head.

Check for above curses in the example chart:

  1. Curse of wife: There is no curse, because Ve and 7th house and 7th Lord are not afflicted
  2. Curse of Mother: Ma afflicts 4th house and Sa afflicts 4th Lord and 4th house karaka is not afflicted, so there is no Mother’s curse.
  3. Curse of Father: Ra afflicts Su 9th lord and 9th house. Its not very strong, because it has not afflict by 2 malefics. So there is a weak curse of father from past life. Father felt that, he was cheated because of Ra. This might have fructified when the native was young. Current dasa is Sa, and it is not involved in Continuation  of  Birth  Time  rectification  using  Vimsottari  and Narayana Dasa
  1. Change of ASC in D-9, D-3, D-10
  2. Looking Siblings & their events in D-3 and Children & Grand Children in D-7
  3. Example Chart 1: Individual, Male, DOB: Feb 25, 1963, 8:45 PM (IST) – Corrected Birth time 8:45:28 PM (IST), POB: Nellore, INDIA – 79 E 58’, 14 N 26’

Key Points:

  1. ASC changes in D-9 every 3 degree 20”
  2. ASC changes in D-3 every 10 degree
  3. Check the time in Jhora, when ASC changes the sign, if the time is close, consider both houses as LA, check with known past events for rectifying birth time.
  4. Vimsottari dasa is based on Mo and it shows mental outlook.

How the mind takes them, interpret events mind point of view and may not give perfect results all the time.

  1. Narayana Dasa is most perfect dasa and it will give reality
  2. Always  use  multiple  dasas  to  analyze  and  see  they  all convergent with that event.

D-3 Chart analysis:

D-3 is to see siblings and their events any curse.

61. When you see a curse, check how the curse has given:

  1. To see 1st house, 2nd younger Siblings (immediate), 3rd house, 2nd younger
  1. Ma will give angry curse, sibling (next to immediate) 3from 3, which is 5 house and so
  1. Sa will give sad/sorrow curseon…
  1. Ra & Ke will give shock curse
  2. To see 1 older sibling (Immediate older), 11 house, 2older
  1. What kind of karma is Sa carrying from past life? Look for amsa sibling (next to immediate), 11th from 11th , which is 9th H of Sa in D-6, which is Chandra-Rekha, it is not bad at all, with out any obstacles.
  1. If ASC is EVEN, count backwards and ODD, count forward
  2. For immediate younger sibling, if the ASC is EVEN, count 3 houses backwards and look for the lord of that house, where it is placed. This house will become ASC and give reading/predictions to that younger sibling.
  3. Su in 9th house (Dharma Sthana) shows the individual will be: idealistic, force their ideas on others
  4. Planets in 6th house show service-based career.

Ra in 10th house will not ensure a strong career, lot of changes in career

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